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New to Trippin’ With StanleyNew to Trippin’ With Stanley Who is Stanley? Well, Stanley is our RV! He takes us all around the U.S. to taste delicious craft beers and meet new friends along the way. We work from the road, Brian is a graphic designer and I am a...

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Austin = hashtag epic, hashtag awesomeAustin = hashtag epic, hashtag awesome As I type this I sit on a beautiful outside patio on S Congress at a coffee bar called Jo's. I am surrounded by Mac Book Pros and I can almost see all the tweets swarming around my head. I am sure...

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Sedona I'm glad I got to knowya!Sedona I'm glad I got to knowya! Here are some pics from our time in Sedona. We stayed with our good friend Brenden and his girlfriend, Britta, in Cottonwood, about 20 minutes from Sedona and Jerome. They were the most excellent...

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Golfing and Hashing in PhoenixGolfing and Hashing in Phoenix We had plans to meet up with our Nu friends Bill and Debbie in Phoenix after we left our troubles in Tucson. Maria was able to convince Debbie that it would be a good idea for all of us to go golfing...

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B-C-YessB-C-Yess In between our stops in Quartzsite we made a detour to Tempe to visit my friend Kevin and enjoy a long weekend of sports. The main reason we wanted to be in the Phoenix area was that the BCS National Championship...

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High Plains Camping

Posted by msdesign21 | Posted in You trippin! | Posted on 17-08-2010

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We enjoyed our stay at High Plains in Oakley, KS. The RV park was VERY nice with Putt Putt, Hot Tubs, Pick your own Garden and a dog run. Unfortunately we arrived late and left early so the only one we enjoyed was the dog run. We did however do our first run with Boxee and watched a few South Park episodes. All these old folks with their antennas and direct TV dishes have no clue!! Our mac mini with a 1TB drive and streaming Boxee is definitely the way to go. “But how will you watch the news” my Dad asks, ha! Jon Stewart’s Daily Show is streaming… that’s all the news you need!

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“At High Plains Campgrounds”

From First RV Park outside of Lawrence, posted by Maria Scarpello on 8/17/2010 (13 items)

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Where will we go??

Posted by Brian | Posted in You trippin! | Posted on 30-07-2010

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The answer is West! We generally know the spots we want to hit but haven’t planned each spot yet.

We know we will start in CO and spend at least a couple weeks there. As many of you know we are big microbrew fans and there are plenty of microbreweries to hit all over CO. We also have family, my Aunt Betsy and Uncle Dave and my cousin, Heidi, her husband, Zeb and their daughter Maya, who is just starting high school and their three doggies and our friends Lauren and Kyle to visit. No doubt we will have plenty to keep us busy the first few weeks.

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From there we will head north go through WY, most likely hit Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, then through Montana for a few days and then head up to Vancouver. I know most people would think the place for an RV is in the backwoods of MT but I was just talking to Brian the other day and I am antsy to get to the West coast. There is so much to see before rainy season starts up north. I had lunch with my boss yesterday and he was telling me all these fantastic places to visit in Vancouver, it sure sounds like we could spend a few weeks there and be completely satisfied. The hard part will probably be knowing when to pick up and go on to the next one.

In the meantime we want to hear from YOU! If you’ve been anywhere in the general area that we are going and you think there is a place we just can’t miss, please let us know!! So far huge recommendations on Tahoe, Sedona, Monterey and Eugene stand out as must hits, but I know there are more! Comment on any post you see and let us know if we must take a detour. Thanks for following we look forward to hearing from you.