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One month in…

Posted by msdesign21 | Posted in You trippin! | Posted on 20-09-2010


And we are still together!! 🙂 Things are actually going great still. We aren’t feeling cramped yet, despite what many of you may think, we are super cozy in Stanley with the two boys. Well, that is, until Buddha drops a bomb on us, no where to run from it! Luckily matches are never far away. We might have the quickest draw in the west when it comes to lighting one up!

As we look back on our first month there are some things we have come to realize…

1. Best idea ever.
2. The highways and back roads of America are much MUCH better than the interstates. SO many little cool cities and sights to see. I still remember driving through the back highways of Kansas being soo surprised that everyday people miss all these cool sights driving what is possibly the most boring 8 hour stretch of I-70 to Denver. Highway 2 in Washington was similar. From Spokane to Everette, much better views and small towns than what you would normally see on I-5.
3. If we boondock (don’t plug in at night, i.e. pay to park) half of the month we will be spending roughly $800/month. We have averaged around $40/night when we pay to park and plug in. If we fill up on water and dump at a pay sight we can go 3-4 days without having to refill or dump.
4. Most all gas stations cap you at $75 credit card charge per transaction. Which sadly meant on our last fill less than half a tank!!! 🙁 Luckily enough we have gotten most of the longest drives out of our way and when we are just around a city we typically fill 1-2 times a week at most. I actually underestimated what we would spend to park at RV camps and overestimated what I thought we would pay on gas, so we are still on target.
5. About 25 breweries in… I still need to get an official count since the last post and we still have what is probably the best breweries in the US left to go… Oregon, here we come!! From Brian: “There are a lot more breweries than I would have imagined”.
6. We need to ditch the beer mug once and a while and start going to wineries.
7. We are not alcoholics, we promise!
8. It’s time to get down to business. 100 days, 100 ideas launching soon, along with some planned progress on EnglishBulldogToys.com and BrewBuddy.com
9. From Brian: “Life on the road is a lot easier than I had expected. It is a lot more natural than I would have thought. It’s not as lifechanging as one might expect, I feel it’s like business as usual.”
10. Did we mention, best idea ever?!?! oh yea, we did.

Vancouver still makes my list of best city yet. We had to come back down to Seattle for the weekend, our tailgating plans went awry but luckily we had additional weekend plans for the Red Hook Brewery SausageFest (“and yes for the hundredth time there were girls there” – Festival t-shirt quote). We met up with Brian’s friends from the KU Industrial Design program, Tim and Kyle and their girlfriends Christine and Sarah and had a great time. The sun decided to shine on us for a majority of the day and we continued on with a little after party in Stanley once it started to spit again. The best thing about driving an RV around? Your bed is never too far away… 😉

We are going to spend one more day in Seattle then head back north over the border again. We didn’t get to do the Sea to Sky highway drive from Vancouver to Whistler so we need to head back up. I am hoping we can also get a day of sunshine to enjoy some zip-lining in the mountains.

Here are some more photos from Vancouver and our SausageFest activities. And as always thanks for following!

From Vancouver and a little more Seattle, posted by Maria Scarpello on 9/20/2010 (59 items)

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Great post! Glad you are 1. still together and 2. having the time of your life!

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